Ahol, whose raw yet instantly recognizable street murals evaporate the divide between high and low art, often jumbles disparate themes from mass media, popular culture and marginalized pockets of society.

He often draws inspiration from the urban environment and systems of society which dehumanize its inhabitants. Ahol’s deceptively simple, yet complex renderings both portray the veneer of our everyday surroundings and the dull, job-related conflicts often encountered in a dysfunctional workplace.

The South Florida native is best known for his soaring urban murals depicting expansive fields of drowsy eyes, reflecting his unique vision of life, labor and unrequited love of the mean streets of Miami.

2017 “Cellular Fuckery” digital collage book release
2017 Boca Art Fair: Boca Raton, Florida
2016 SCOPE: Art Basel Miami, FL
2016 SXSW “Fuck You Sue Me”: Austin, Texas
2016 Nada Art Fair: Miami FL
2016 Ink Fair: Miami, FL
2016 Miami International Film Festival “I have never not been from miami” Short Film
2016 Huffer Collective “Save Yourselves” at Locus Projects: Miami, FL
2016 Glasgow short film festival “Biscayne World"
2015 SCOPE: Art Basel Miami
2015 TEDx (Momentum) Miami, FL
2015 Artist talk at University of Florida “On the hunt for intelligent life" - Gainesville, FL
2015 Wynwood Art Fair - Miami, FL2014 SCOPE : Art Basel - Miami FL
2013 Beats After Sunset: Bass Museum of Art: Miami Beach, FL
2013 Miami NewTimes Mastermind Honorable Mention

2012 Miami NewTimes MasterMind Finalist
2012 HIT&RUN: Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art- Wynwood-Miami, FL
2012 SNIPERS: Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art – Wynwood-Miami, FL
2012 AHOL: FULL-TIME: Mercenary Square- Miami, FL
2012 Art Live Fair: Coconut Grove- Miami, FL
2011 Vagabond Nightclub- Miami, FL
2011 Wynwood Art Fair: Wynwood- Miami, FL
2011 Vh1 Tough Love- Fort Lauderdale, FL
2010 SCOPE: Art Basel- Miami, FL
2010 SCOPE: New York City, NY
2010 Butter Gallery- Miami, FL
2010 Sweat Records- Miami, FL
2010 Electric Pickle- Miami, FL
2009 P(ART)Y: Stash Gallery- Miami, FL
2008 Colt 45 “Ink the Can” Design Winner
2005 Marguelis Warehouse- Miami, FL